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If your sewer and sump pump system backups fail in your home, the situation can engender quite a mess. That’s because water doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a high water level to wreak havoc. Sump pump failure often leads to water damage and associated cleanup costs.

A home’s sump pump is the first line of defense to avoid basement flooding. If a sump pump fails to power on, flooding is inevitable. That’s because there’s no way for the water collected by your home’s perimeter drain to be removed properly. There a several scenarios that can lead to sump pump failure. If your home perimeter drain gets clogged with mud or debris, the water won’t properly be directed to the sump pump. The sump pump itself may even become clogged. Overheating is another common reason for sump pump mechanical failure. Sometimes, it’s just a problem with the float switch. Regardless of the cause of the sump pump failure, Capps will have it repaired or replaced and avoid flooding.

If you don’t hear your sump pump powering on, don’t wait to call Capps. Our highly-trained staff is dependable, knowledgeable and has years of experience dealing with basement flooding problems. Our team will rush to your Hoffman Estates home or business will quickly in the event of a plumbing emergency. We’ll locate the source of flooding and get it repaired whether it’s a simple repair or replacement. Capps will fix the problem correctly the first time. If flooding is due to a blockage in the sewer lines, we’ll clear it out and put a stop to the flooding quickly. Better yet, we’ll also develop a permanent solution so you won’t have to contend deal that flooding problem again.

If your home sustained flood damage, Capps Plumbing also offers detailed clean up services. We’ll clean and disinfect floors, appliances, walls and other surfaces that were affected by the flooding. We want you can to get your household up and running, so we’ll also remove any damaged property.

At Capps Plumbing, we are experts when it comes to stopping flooding in your home. We want to stop flooding from occurring in the first place, but if a flood has already occurred, we’re here to help you with our dependable clean up services. Complete customer satisfaction that will beat our customers’ expectations is our top priority. Call Capps for excellent service and let us earn your business.

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Capps Pluming & Sewer Inc. is a family owned and operated business serving the area since 1996. We are an A+ Rated company with the BBB and have been serving the Hoffman Estates for more than 20 years.

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We have Emergency Plumbing & Sump Pump Service in the Hoffman Estates area and we’ll be at your door within 60-90 minutes of your initial call. For your safety, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we stand by our work. Many of our installations and services come with limited warranties. Call us today to learn more about what we offer.

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See our coupons for more savings. In addition, we also offer a 10% Senior Discount.

The sewer backed up into our laundry room and made a big, smelly mess. I called Capps and they came right out and identified the problem. They took care of it in a professional manner, quick, clean & efficient. Good work with a great attitude. Thanks!

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I started this company with my wife, Mary, in 1996, and I knew exactly what I wanted Capps Plumbing to be. We strongly believe that you should never take any chances when it comes to those you trust to maintain and provide needed repairs to your biggest investment, your home. We built Capps Plumbing & Sewer to be a model of what a plumbing company should be – dependable, skilled, tidy and courteous – and to adhere to these high standards while keeping prices low for our customers…

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