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Expert Water and Sewer Systems Services Available 24/7 in Hawthorn Woods Illinois

Capps Plumbing has two sewer and water divisions to take on any sewer situation or water issue that arises. We perform over 500 excavations annually because our customers trust us not only to get the job done, but get it done RIGHT! When an emergency occurs leaving you without use of your facilities, we are able to provide SAME DAY REPAIRS to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Do you want to convert to city sewer and water? We can handle that.
Do you want a flood control system? We do that too. That’s what 30 years of experience providing sewer and water line solutions does – it allows us to provide our customers with confidence that we’ll get the job done and they can return to their normal daily activities.

From video inspections and leak detection to sewer repairs and replacements, fully trained and certified Capps Plumbing technicians are prepared to tackle the job. 


Sewer Repair and Replacement Hawthorn Woods

Sewer system backups and ruptured sewer lines can create significant problems in your Hawthorn Woods home or business. The quicker these problems are resolved, the better. Capps Plumbing dispatches experienced and knowledgeable technicians to locate and diagnose problems, and make repairs as quickly as possible. If excavations are needed our team handles every dig with care. Repairs are made in compliance with all codes and every job site left in proper condition. Rely on Capps Plumbing professionals to return your home’s sewer system to full efficiency quickly and with care.

Sewer Line Video Inspection and Locating

Technical advances have led to enhanced techniques and abilities to inspect water and sewer lines, and locate area of potential trouble. Capps Plumbing has seized this technology to offer homeowners highly effective video inspection and locating services. This service allows our crews to carefully examine every inch of your plumbing system to not only locate leaks, but also detect possible areas of weakness. This allows us to alert homeowners of any potential issues before they occur and provide options to make repairs. We recommend having a sewer inspection if you find your self in any or all of these situations:

  • You are currently experiencing sewer line backups
  • You have large and established tree roots near the sewer line
  • You are buying a home and want to make sure there are no problems (you have the right to request that the seller have a sewer line inspection done for you)

Leaded Causes of Sewer Line Clogs or Leaks

  • Tree Roots
  • Build up of dirt, debris, hair, and grease
  • Residue from soaps and other toiletries
  • Foreign objects. 

B-Box Repairs

The Buffalo Box, or B-Box, is the link between your municipal water supply and your home’s plumbing system. Sometime your municipal water department will repair a B-Box, but, if not, Capps Plumbing technicians are trained and certified to make repairs and ensure disruption to your home’s water service is short. Excavations, repairs and back fill is done efficiently and our team leaves the job looking great.


Septic Sewer System Repairs

Many homes in the Hawhtorn Woods area still rely on a septic sewer system to manage waste water in their homes. Capps Plumbing provides septic sewer system repairs to ensure disruptions and inconveniences to your family are limited. Fully trained and certified technicians arrive at your home ready to work. We’ll find the problem, establish a plan to make repairs and complete the job as soon as possible to return full service to your home. Capps Plumbing provides superior septic sewer systems repairs for homeowners throughout Hawthorn Illinois

Overhead Sewer Conversion Service Available in Hawthorn Woods

Converting to an overhead sewer system can help protect your home from unsanitary and costly sewage backups during severe or prolong rain storms. Capps Plumbing knowledgeable technicians can convert your home’s gravity fed sewer system to a more effective overhead sewer system. There are a number of benefits to overhead sewer conversions, and a Capps Plumbing technician can meet with you to explain the benefits and establish whether this work is right for your home. Our work is guaranteed to meet all municipal and water management codes.


Flood Control System Repair & Installation in Hawthorn Woods

Well-designed and professionally installed flood control systems protect homes from flood waters, subsequent damage and costly repairs. Capps Plumbing technicians will visit your home and provide a complete evaluation to determine how a flood control system will protect and benefit your investment. With a combination of a sump pit, ejector pump, check valves, gate valves and other components Capps Plumbing will design and install a flood control system best suited for your home.

Additional Sewer and Water system services Capps Plumbing offers include, but are not limited to:

  • City Water and Sewer Connections (including taps and hookups)
  • Clean Out Installation
  • Water Main Upgrades
  • Leak Detection
  • Directional Boring
  • Underground Discharge Systems
  • & More …

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