Recent Water Heater Installation in Schaumburg Illinois

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We recently installed a new Bradford White water heater in Schaumburg Illinois.


Many homeowners are unaware that their hot water needs may require different sized tanks. What determines the size or number of tanks needed ? A home’s “demand” or fixture count that requires hot water is one of the key determining factors for size and power of a water heater. One of the other items to take into consideration is how many people live in the home. Based on this homeowners particular hot water demands, we installed a new 40 gallon tank from Bradford White.

You may also notice in the photo that there is a smaller tank in front of the water heaters. This “white tank” is actually called a “Thermal Expansion Tank”.  A Thermal Expansion Tank is recommended by the water heater manufacturer to improve the life expectancy of the water heaters. It takes on the expansion from the water heating up and protect the heaters from rupture.

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Expert Water Heater Service and Maintenance Schaumburg

Most of us wouldn’t list hot water as one of our most valuable possessions…until it runs out! Our daily tasks such as cooking, doing laundry or taking a bath or shower are suddenly impossible without hot water. Capps Plumbing can handle all of your water heater needs whether it’s a repair, complete replacement or even regular maintenance to keep your tank running efficiently. We service all major brands as well as keep our trucks and warehouse fully stocked with all American-made water heaters. Our new tanks come with the best 10-year warranty, and we haul away your old tank at no extra charge.

Annual Inspections Prevent Future Problems

Don’t forget to perform your maintenance! Regular maintenance of your home’s water heater is vital to its proper operation and long life. Like your home, your water heater is an investment. Capps Plumbing, as well as the manufacturer, recommends a water heater be cleaned and inspected annually to increase the longevity of the tank. Keeping up with your maintenance can help detect issues before they become a problem or even an emergency. With 30 years of experience providing hot water heater repair and replacement for residential customers in suburban Chicago, you can count on Capps Plumbing for all of your water heater issues.

Hot water is probably one of the most important things a household needs every morning, and perhaps one of those things most taken for granted. We don’t really know how much we need it until something goes wrong with our hot water heater. Capps Plumbing can help prevent water heater malfunctions with a proper maintenance plan, and limit any inconvenience with knowledgeable repair and quick, efficient water heater replacement service.

Water heater services from Capps Plumbing include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Replacement
  • Maintenance, Cleaning & Inspection
  • Expansion Tanks

Whether you need a complete water heater tank replacement or simply wish to rely on Capps Plumbing for an annual water heater maintenance program, protect your investment with our help. Knowledgeable and fully trained technicians will inspect and ensure your water heater functions properly every time you need hot water.


I called Saturday night because of a clogged kitchen sink and was contacted within minutes to have someone come out that following Monday. Anthony was kind, informative, got right to work, and answered any questions I had. I also appreciate that he took the time to show me how to maintain clean pipes. I will definitely be recommending Capps to anyone who is in need of an honest and reliable plumbing company.


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