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Capps Plumbing and Sewer has been serving Glenview and the surrounding area for over 20 Years! Our plumbing technicians have the knowledge and experience you need to rely on when it comes to fixing your plumbing problems. We are the number one choice for residents and businesses in Glenview because our plumbers are constantly learning the newest and best ways to make sure your plumbing is working perfectly. We know that when you plumbing breaks you need your system fixed as soon as possible, that is why we will make sure to get to your home and address your issue, quickly, safely, and do it right the first time.  When you choose the professionalism of Capps you are choosing:

  • 4.5 Star Reviewed Business on Google
  • A+ Rated Business With the BBB
  • 4.5 Star Reviews on Facebook
  • Expert and Knowledgeable Advice For All Plumbing Systems
  • Family Owned and Operated

In the end, Capps Plumbing and Sewer is your choice for plumbing repair, plumbing installation, and plumbing service in Glenview, Illinois.  If you need help with your plumbing please give us a call or fill out the form to the right and someone will get back to you as soon as possible

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Emergency Plumbing Service Available For the Following Needs:

Our plumbing team works closely with residential and commercial customers in the Glenview area. We are available to send out one of our fully equipped trucks with every emergency appointment so our plumbers can serve your needs quickly and correctly. We service the following:

  • Disposals
  • Faucets
  • Fixtures
  • R.P.Z. valves
  • Shut-Off valves
  • Sillcocks/Spigots
  • Sump pumps
  • Water heaters
  • Leak Detection
  • Leak Repair
  • Gas Line Repair
  • Water Conservation

Our comprehensive services also include sewer piping, water piping, gas piping, power rodding, and hydrojetting. If you need immediate assistance, call us for emergency service today 847-321-7938. You don’t have to wait to book an appointment!

Emergency Plumbers


Our Emergency Plumbing Services Include:


Emergency Excavations

Capps Plumbing has the expertise and equipment to respond to and complete emergency excavations when they become necessary. Leaks and blockages within septic systems and service lines for water and sewer to your home can disrupt life, but the professionals at Capps Plumbing provide the service necessary to locate system problems and make repairs.

Our crews respond quickly with the equipment, tools and expertise needed to address your water or sewer service problems. Job sites meet all safety codes, and crews work to ensure service is restored to your home as quickly as possible. Capps backfills excavation sites and returns the area to near pre-excavation condition. Capps Plumbing emergency excavation services are managed to ensure fast, effective repairs and complete customer satisfaction.


Home and basement flooding caused by sewer and sump pump system backups and failures can create quite a mess. Capps plumbers are reliable professionals trained for and experienced in handling basement flooding occurrences. Crews dispatched to your home quickly identify the cause of flooding and stop it at its source. We’ll repair your sump pump or replace it, or clear blocked sewer lines to stop flooding and prevent it from happening in the future.

Capps Plumbing provides meticulous clean up services for areas of your home impacted by sump pump or sewer flooding. We’ll haul away damaged property and wash and disinfect floors, walls, appliances and other surfaces as needed. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction exceeds expectations every time. Whether you need Capps Plumbing to help stop flooding in your home or take steps to prevent flooding from occurring, you can rely on Capps for superior service and results.

Emergency Frozen Pipe Repair Glenview

Winters in Chicago can be particularly harsh and damage to a home caused by frozen pipes can be both costly and inconvenient. The professionals at Capps Plumbing not only offer tips for preventing frozen pipes, but offer the expertise to carefully and successfully thaw frozen pipes before they burst. Our years of experience helping customers during the most frigid Chicago winters has allowed Capps to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to alleviate a potential disaster.

In the event frozen pipes burst in your home, Capps Plumbing arrives quickly with the expertise and equipment to clean up and make plumbing repairs. Capps certified and experienced plumbers remove damaged pipes and install high-quality replacement pieces that meet or exceed existing codes. Our customers experience fast, efficient and courteous service, while Capps Plumbing restores full service to their homes.

Emergency Gas Line Repairs Glenview

Capps Plumbing offers fast, efficient and lasting repairs to residential gas lines. Whether you have a leak somewhere in your home or the time has come to replace the gas lines, our plumbing professionals are licensed and trained to perform this sensitive work. Capps Plumbing restores gas service to your home as quickly as possible once the job is started.

Capps Plumbing gas repairs include a complete inspection of your entire system, leak detection, sealing, repairs and replacement as necessary to ensure everything is up to code. Gas lines are an important part of your home, and Capps Plumbing strives to ensure your entire system is functioning properly. The health and well-being of everyone in your home is our top priority. Capps will not sacrifice safety for expediency, and never try to repair a gas leak on your home. Count on the professionals at Capps Plumbing to handle every detail.

Hydro jetting

Severe clogs will not only reduce efficiency of your household plumbing system, but if left unchecked could require expensive repairs and costly clean up to your home. Capps Plumbing provides powerful and effective hydro jetting services to ensure every clog, regardless of size, is cleared quickly and completely. Hydro jetting, a high-pressure stream of water, blasts away blockages and residue from pipes throughout your home and restores normal flow to the entire system. Hydro jetting is more effective than snaking pipes, which may leave residue on the interior of pipe walls.

If you notice poor or slowing drainage anywhere in your system contact Capps Plumbing for a consultation. Our licensed and fully-trained professionals will inspect your system, determine the size and location of the blockage, and begin hydro jetting to remove blockages that same day. Capps Plumbing professionals will restore your water and sewer service to peak efficiency.

Leaks Located and Repaired

Leaks in water and sewer service lines are not always immediately noticeable. Those hidden leaks can cause damage and cost homeowners hundreds of dollars each month if left unrepaired. Capps Plumbing leak location and repair service arrives ready to detect leaking pipes, even leaking pipes located behind walls, under floorboards or underground outside your home.

Fully-insured, licensed and highly-trained Capps Plumbing professionals inspect every inch of your household water and sewer lines to locate every leak, big or small. Once we’ve discovered the leak steps are taken to make quality, lasting repairs. Capps plumbers also inspect the area around each leak to check for damage and make repairs. In the event the level of damage exceeds our expertise, Capps will help customers find a qualified contractor to make repairs. Homeowners can count on Capps Plumbing for complete leak locating and repair services.


While the visible parts of your household plumbing system and related fixtures receive the regular care and maintenance they need, it is easy to forget about the hundreds of feet of sewer pipes in and around your home that aren’t visible on a daily basis. Regular rodding by Capps Plumbing professionals can ensure your entire system continues functioning efficiently all year. This preventative service restores proper operation quickly and can help homeowners avoid costly repairs down the road.

Rodding clears and removes clogs caused by tree roots, grease, mud and other obstructions that often find their way into your pipes. Trained and certified Capps Plumbing professionals initiate rodding with custom-fitted bits to ensure the entire width of your pipes are cleaned and the entire blockage is removed. Your pipes receive a clean bill of health before Capps Plumbing teams finish each job. Rely on Capps Plumbing for superior results and customer service.

Emergency Sewer Backup Service Glenview

Sewer backups are a common yet unfortunate occurrence in most homes. Over time tree roots, grease or other waste collects to form blockages slowing drainage and eventually causing a backup in your basement or another part of your home. Capps Plumbing professionals are experts at clearing sewer backups. Our trained and certified plumbers handle any job quickly and completely, while providing courteous customer service.

From hydro jetting to rodding, even making repairs or installing replacements to sections of line blocked beyond repair, Capps Plumbing arrives at your home prepared to inspect, diagnose and remedy sewer backups. Our work results in clear lines that alleviate stress on your system and help prevent future damage. Reliable plumbing services from Capps Plumbing will help prevent sewer backups, keep your system flowing efficiently and deliver peace of mind.

Emergency Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Few things can ruin your morning worse than waking up with a cold shower. We rely on our home’s water heater for hot showers, laundry, dishwashing and more so when it breaks down nearly every part of daily life is inconvenienced. That’s where Capps Plumbing comes to the rescue with expert water heater repair and replacement services. Our fully-trained and licensed professional plumbers have knowledge and experience inspecting and repairing every model of water heater installed in homes today. Capps Plumbing professionals will find the problem, repair it or recommend a new model should your water heater need replacing.

Reliable Capps Plumbing professionals are experienced with all water heater systems and can return hot water service to your home quickly and at a price you can afford. Whether your home has a conventional tank water heater, a tankless system or another eco-friendly option count on Capps Plumbing to provide professional and efficient water heater repair and replacement services. Our commitment to customer service will exceed your expectations.

Water Main Breaks

When a water main breaks it can halt water service to hundreds of homes and businesses, while disrupting traffic and creating quite a mess. Capps Plumbing has experienced and certified teams that can address water main breaks quickly and help restore service while minimizing damage and disruptions to surrounding areas. Homeowners, businesses and municipalities have called on Capps Plumbing for our reliable and knowledgeable expertise.

When you contact Capps Plumbing after a water main breaks we dispatch a crew to your location quickly, and upon arrival they work to control the leak, pinpoint the leak using a location detection system and then begin digging to expose and confirm the leak location. Upon uncovering any water main break Capps Plumbing crews begin making repairs. We work in cooperation with appropriate government agencies to ensure proper line flushing is completed and boil orders are issued, if necessary. Capps Plumbing works to restore full service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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